The Run With Heart will be donating event proceeds to the Ironheart Foundation and Colton's Army Guild. Read more below about each non-profit organization.




It is Ironheart’s mission to support healthy heart living through sport. The goal of the Ironheart Foundation is to inspire others and motivate individuals, organizations and communities to live a heart healthy life. Along the way, we recognize the most common birth defect- Congenital Heart Defects and the #1 cause of death in both men and women, heart disease.

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After over 10 years of fighting cancer and now 5 blessed remissions, we decided the time is 'right' to give back to the hospital and doctors who have been essential in helping to save our hero's life more times than we can count.  In April 2016, our guild will be born.  Colton's Army Guild will support Seattle Children's Hospital uncompensated care and the cutting edge immunotherapy cancer research "Strong Against Cancer."  Colton's Army Guild is a non-profit with funds directly impacting the medical care of children and accelerating the pace of the necessary research to fund a cure to childhood cancer.
Colton's Army is a movement of prayer warriors and supporters who LOVE an 18-year old HERO who has been called to battle cancer (Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia) 5 times in the past 9 years.  Through this journey, Colton has endured 2 bone marrow transplants, 1 stem cell transplant & one revolutionary T-cell therapy trial to beat this...Colton has wanted to create 'something'  ---- he is beyond excited to have this opportunity to create a GUILD inspired by his journey.  

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