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The Run With Heart will be donating event proceeds to the Hope Creek Foundation.


What is Hope Creek Charitable Foundation, and what is our purpose?

Hope Creek Charitable Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization located in Mill Creek, WA that serves those in need in our community. Hope Creek Charitable Foundation originally operated the Tailgate program feeding the unhoused in nearby Everett, WA and Backpacks of Hope from tents in a parking lot beginning in 2012. The original food bank was started by students at Henry M. Jackson High School who noticed some of their peers were going hungry. Approximately 33% of students in the Everett School District are dealing with food insecurity.

Hope Creek Charitable Foundation established a home for the food bank in 2016 when a small group of volunteers provided groceries to approximately 80 families per month. Today our operations run out of shipping containers and portable tents with approximately 360 volunteers hours per week. Despite our logistical challenges and the weather, we help a lot of people and it’s growing! The Mill Creek Community Food Bank serves over 600 families per week on Mondays and Thursdays averaging over 1000 individuals per night Backpacks for Hope currently sends 228 children from 15 schools home with food for the weekend this school year.

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